A Little Bit About Me…

My practice in Rochester Hills, Michigan for the past 33 years has involved work with acute and chronic anxiety, situational depression and pain management education.

My higher education involved my desire to acquire knowledge and skills that would give me a greater understanding of the deep and complex interplay between our body and our mind. After receiving a B. A. in Special Education from Michigan State University, I spent the next ten years working in schools and sheltered workshops. The populations I worked with were deeply compromised by mental, physical and/or emotional challenges, and taught me much about how our brains and bodies work with and effect each other.

My continued studies were in the areas of Guidance and Counseling at Oakland University, and Anatomy and Physiology at the Soma Institute in Gainesville, Florida. I also completed and earned my certification in a four year training program and supervision process at the Michigan Society for Bio-energetic Therapy.

The following are the modalities that I employ:
 1.) Individual Counseling
 2.) Bioenergetic Therapy
 3.) Dream Work/Dream Analysis

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